Agony and Absence

So today is the second to last Tuesday that I am at University until after the christmas break, and my pancreas has decided to flare up. I am in so much pain, and I won’t be able to go to Uni. I called paramedics and they came out to assess me, but by the time they got here I had taken 4 extra power paracetamol in the space of 2 hours (which I very highly do not recommend) and the pain was starting to tail off. They took my stats and then advised me to stay home, and not eat anything and only drink water for the next 8 hours so that it didn’t flare up again, at least not straight away anyway. I feel so bad though, we have a group project, and I feel like I’m letting my team down. I’ve finished my little section, but still. Its not fair on them. I feel like crap because of it.

I have a liver scan on Thursday, to see if that has anything to do with it, because they really don’t know whats going on anymore. Blood tests keep coming back saying I have infections, so they give me antibiotics and I finish them and then everything slowly creeps back again. Currently I have a bladder infection too, so thats fun. My lower abdomen is in agony and so is my chest.
The only way I can describe the pain in my chest is a burning tightening sensation, that feels like someone is standing on my chest and not getting off. At its worst, I can feel it in my chest and my back, and I usually get the sweats along with vomiting.

I am really struggling. I know that sounds really weak of me, but I really am. I am always in pain for some reason or another, and it makes me feel like I am failing, not only as a human but as a mother and fiance too. I rarely have energy, and I try my best but it is really hard.

I just wish the doctors could tell me what was going on.

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