Slimming World & Surgical Assessment

I decided that I am going to start following the Slimming World healthy eating plan 🙂 I’ll document my progress as I go.. Tomorrow I’ll do a little shopping list and hopefully will be the start of a new me! My fiance is going to do the same 🙂

In other news, I got a letter through yesterday, saying that I have the assessment for my surgery on the 27th January. I have to wait a whole month just for an assessment, where they could then turn around and say no. Ughh.

5 thoughts on “Slimming World & Surgical Assessment

  1. You made me laugh. Sorry about the misunderstanding. At one time I wanted surgery to have gastric bypass. I only needed to gain another 30 pounds. Glad God answered my prayers about losing my weight instead


  2. Good luck – I only started Slimming World 5 weeks ago and have around 4 stone to lose – also put on over Xmas so have even more pounds to lose!


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