Teething and Tantrums

So, as I mentioned in my last post.. TJ is teething again. Number 9 and 10 are rearing their ugly heads. He is struggling bless him. He’s had calpol, and a bottle and I’m hoping he’ll settle for bed soon. Usually he’s asleep by now, but obviously I’m giving him some leeway(sp?) He’s rosie cheeked, and moody, and chewing on everything that he can. Although he’s currently hugging my inhalor. Strange kid. If it comforts him, then I guess its not too bad. (I’m watching him with it, dont worry!)

Okay, now he’s trying to attack my laptop.

I think he needs to get some sleep because he is gruuuuuumpy.

Okay, signing off now so I can give him some lovely cuddles and try and get him too sleep!

Edit : 9:40pm He went to sleep at 9, and has just woken himself up coughing, it’s gonna be a long night.

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