Surgical Assessment Outcome + University

Well, the surgical assessment went well. I have been given the go ahead for the surgery and he wants it done ideally, within the month. Hopefully it wont affect my studies too badly! The doctor was great, he explained everything and didn’t blame my weight like the last doctor! He said that it was definitely pregnancy that caused the gallstones and that the pancreatitus isan extreme side effect from this. I’m going to have an endoscopy before my surgery to get any loose stones out, because the y are the ones causing problems, and then the keyhole surgery to remove the gallbladder, and an xray to make sure there isnt anymore floating around.

I’m back at Uni, and after talking to my tutors, we’ve decided that my best option is to attend as normal, and try to complete my theory work during the term, and possibly apply for a 10 working day extension if needed, and mitigate film once I know the date for the surgery.

The sooner I know when I’m having it done, the better! The longer I wait, the more anxious about it I get!

Also, I lost another 3lbs, wooo!

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