Gallbladder Removal – at last!

Okay, so I was finally given the surgery. Unfortunately it was emergency, and I didnt have time to be prepared or sort anything out. Last friday I started getting worse pain than usual, and it wasnt easing up, the monday I rang the doctors and got some new painkillers to take which did absolutely nothing. Due to still being in pain, I didnt attend Uni on Tuesday, the pain didnt let up, and then eventually on Thursday at around 7pm the pain became excruciating. I had to get Gordon to come home from darts, and called an ambulance.  I got to A&E and nothing they were giving me was working to help the pain, they guessed that one of the stones had escaped my gallbladder and had inflamed my gallbladder and pancreas again. Eventually they moved me to the ward and gave me morphine, which helped a lot more than anything else. The next day they decided to put me onto the emergency surgery list. (The irony is that the letter for the scheduled surgery arrived the day after haha) I had the surgery around 2pm and was back on the ward around 4ish, and in a lot of pain! I had to have a camera down my throat as well as the keyhole surgery to get the loose stones. No painkillers seem to be helping, and the fact the nurses were crap and didnt give me half the ones I was allowed, and werent regular at all didn’t help either. I was discharged today (Saturday) at around 3, because there was not a lot else they could do for me, because all I need now is 2 weeks bed rest, and to carry on taking the painkillers (which will actually be on time so that’ll be good) Ive also got to have blood thinning injections morning and night, and to wear those awful stockings because I’m bed ridden, also I’ve been given some antibiotics because they think I had a water infection aswell just to top it all off. Fun times. At least its out now, I look forward to recovering so that I can actually be back to the happy pain free me!

(Enjoy some photos from my hospital stay. Some are from A&E, one is my pre-op selfie, and even a snap of me doing Uni work because I’m just that dedicated even though I’m in agony!)

Okay nap time for me now, going to make the most of my partner looking after our little boy 😛

WP_20150227_03_46_19_Pro WP_20150227_01_22_21_Pro WP_20150227_01_21_25_Pro WP_20150226_22_41_47_Pro 1 WP_20150227_09_49_12_Pro InstagramCapture_7fe1cc73-4c6a-4a36-8a28-d2bb38abbb7e WP_20150227_02_11_53_Pro

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