Recovery – Gallbladder Removal


This hurts, a lot. I didn’t expect to be this uncomfortable. I feel sick, all the time. I can barely eat (which is probably a good thing tbh) I am trying to wean myself off of the painkillers because they are making me sick, and also backing me up but lets not talk about that haha.

My fiance has been great through all this.He’s had a week off work, and has been looking after me and my son. He’s been getting up with him, and making me drinks, food etc and giving me my blood thinner injections. I want to buy him something but I am broke, and obviously I cant get out and about to go searching for something.

Ugh, I just had tomato soup, and I feel so insanely sick 😦 I didnt even feel like this when I was pregnant!

This recovery needs to speed up, because yuk.

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