(Almost) 2 weeks post operation

So its been 2 weeks tomorrow since I had my operation, and I’m finally starting to feel better. The pain comes and goes in the same area that the top cut is, but is not as bad as it was. Although the cuts themselves seem to not be healing, and they keep getting caught on stuff and getting ripped open again. I’m hoping to return to Uni on Tuesday, all being well. I’m going crazy stuck at home, and its stressing me out that I haven’t got any books out for my essays. I can feel myself slipping behind, and it makes me so anxious. I really don’t want to have to mitigate if I can get away with not. I should probably be doing Uni work instead of writing this, but screw it. I’ll finish this post and then finish making notes about why or why not TV licenses should still be a thing or not. One of my many essays.

Okay, I’m going to go and do that now. Bye for now!

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