Who is ‘A’?

Okay, taking a break from illnesses and parenting. I am absolutely addicted to Pretty Little Liars. So with the big reveal round the corner, who do you think it is? There are many theories floating around.

So, here’s mine.

Marlene has admitted that there is a twin. Now we know its not Allison, because its already been confirmed that it doesn’t follow the books.

I think the twin is Toby’s, and that it is Chris Cavanaugh, and that he is A.

Here is what got me thinking:


This is what A stole from Radley, well why else would someone want to take it unless it gave away their identity? Its not just now that we see it either. At the dentist the name is also there.


I’m sorry but Cavanaugh isn’t exactly a common name, and nothing in PLL is ever a coincidence.

What are your theories?

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