Presentation – Lacan vs Irigaray


Okay, so I wanted to be back at University today, but I had a doctors appointment to check I was okay to actually go back. They said I probably shouldn’t go back just yet, but I told him I was anyway, because I have too much work to do. I was prescribed stronger medication so that I had extra pain relief for when I am back. (Which I hope is Friday.)

Anyway, I’ve just printed off everything that was uploaded onto the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)  for today’s lectures, and organised it into my folders, so now I’m going to crack on with my presentation for Media, Identity and Difference. Its due after Easter, so really should be high on the priority list. Its all about language and femininity, so not exactly a great topic, but I find Lacan’s theories quite interesting, especially being a parent, because he talks a lot about development at a young age. My favourite is the mirror stage, I remember when TJ went through it, and its the cutest thing in the world.

Okay, I should probably actually get on with the presentation, rather than writing about doing the presentation.

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