So angry right now. All the decent books which I need for my essays, are all already out on loan. I know it’s first come first served but ughhh. I need them, and they are able to be loaned out for a whole term which means that the people that have them are probably going to have them all term. I wouldn’t mind if it was laziness that I hadn’t got them, but it was because of the surgery that I couldn’t get the books I needed. My plan was when I got the letter for the surgery I would start getting books out so that I had plenty over the recovery time, but nope. My body failed out on me, and I had to have emergency surgery.

I don’t know what to do because I can’t rely on the internet entirely. I have to use books. I’m gonna go in early in the morning and spend ages in there just looking for anything remotely related to any of the subjects I need. Just got to keep my fingers crossed.

Okay, I’m done. TJ’s in bed, and me and Gordon are going to make chicken in white wine sauce and rice. Hopefully that will make me feel better!

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