Uni Work and a Toddler

So yesterday, I had to do some filming for my documentary for Uni, and I took TJ with me as well because it was a family event. Gordon was there but he was playing darts, so he couldn’t help too much with TJ.

I must admit it was very difficult. I couldn’t go to far from him, but then when I was filming, I kept having to stop because TJ would start talking, which of course I love, but his shouting wont help my grade haha. I had to get some help, and luckily TJ’s Great Auntie and Uncle and his second cousins were there. His Great Auntie helped me alot, and one of his cousins distracted him with technology! (Picture attached)

I got enough footage, but I wanted a bit extra as back up, and unfortunately the snooker players in the back room put the jukebox on, so there was music playing, and this would have caused alot of continuity errors within the shots if I had used anything with music in so I packed up and we headed home.

Moral of the story: Accept help! 🙂

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