First day back at Uni: 24/03/2015

I did it. I went back to Uni for the first time since my surgery. I had a few twinges pain wise but it was okay!

It just felt normal being back, and I was told I’d lost weight so thats always a plus. But then having an organ out does that for you haha. I hadn’t missed too much and managed to keep up in the lectures which I was worried about.

The main thing that got me was all the walking. I was absolutely knackered. Considering I havent really done anything over the past few weeks, it was a shock to my system.

I had to get books out of the library, because I am very behind with research. I have 10 books, and I carried them all the way to the bus station, which killed me because 10 books are quite heavy. It took me 45 minutes to get from Uni to the bus station. Luckily the bus didn’t take long to arrive, and Gordon met me at the other end with TJ 🙂 Then he treated me to chinese takeaway to say well done for going back, and as an early birthday thing.

All in all, I was okay going back. I walked back in as if I’d never been away and everyone was really helpful.

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