TJ’s 15 (and a half) month weigh in!

Tristan wasn’t due a weigh in until 17 months, but I was curious about his weight, plus I wanted to ask some questions about his walking (or lack of).

They were running late so we got put into a room that was set up for a baby group (that TJ is too old for now otherwise I would probably take him) and he played with all the toys and was chatting away to a little girl that was in there for the group. It was so funny watching him interact with her 🙂

So, we got into the weigh in and were first to go up there, and I actually struggled to get him undressed, I must have looked like a right idiot. I even managed to scratch his face with the button on his shirt (Yeah I’m an idiot, I put a shirt on him for a weigh in???) Okay so he was finally undressed and he was chatting away and she was talking back. He weighs 29lbs by the way! The chunky money, he’s on the 98th percentile line! I then asked her about his walking, whether I should worry that he’s not walking yet, and she asked whether he was walking along stuff to which I replied yes. She then explained to me that because he seems so advanced with his speech and communication (which she said she was amazed at, and even the other health visitor was surprised when she heard he was 15 months old and doing all that) that she wasn’t worried. She said I had nothing to worry about and was obviously doing a good job.

This has been the best weigh in I’ve had. Usually theres some sort of whinging or something that we need to start doing etc and this time it was just really nice to hear that I was doing a good job, and that TJ is very advanced with his speech and communication. I’m so proud of my gorgeous little (not so little) man. We took him to the park a bit later on as well and he was walking with Daddy and playing on the swings 🙂

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