Weight Loss Journey: Week One (and a bit)

Okay, so my first weigh in on Thursday was great. I lost 6 1/2lbs! Gutted that I was only half a pound off getting my first award! Anyway, along with Slimming World I have been doing Charlottes Belly Blitz, and its great! I started the squat challenge this morning, and did warm up, 3 rounds and cool down on belly blitz, and I am absolutely knackered! Buuuut I was naughty and had chinese takeaway last night, so I needed to do this to make up for it. Definitely having lots of speed food and low syns today!

I really hope that I can at least get that half pound off, but wouldn’t it be great to get close to a stone? Then I can aim for the last few pounds or whatever the week after. I’m so excited to get rid of all this weight!

I really need to start measuring my tummy so I can see the inches coming off aswell!

Will update again after my next weigh in!

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