Nappy leaks. and gas leaks

Okay so today was horrible. First TJ woke up, and his nappy had exploded everywhere. he only option was to chuck him in the shower! His bed sheets went straight in the wash!

So then when that was over, the day was fine. We made wrap pizzas, and TJ even spread the puree onto the wraps, and they were lovely. But once we had finished I could smell something that smelt like paint, all through the house. I realised that the smell was coming from the boiler and panicked. I threw open all the windows in the house, and tried to find the emergency number for our boiler care, eventually I got hold of them and they said they were sending out an engineer. Luckily Gordon arrived home from work, and told me to take TJ to his Uncles and wait there. He stood outside the house and waited for the engineer. It turns out we had a small gas leak, but he had caught it in time. We are so lucky.

I’m going to watch TJ tomorrow, and if I feel like hes even slightly off I’m taking him to the doctors.

My diet is out of the window seen as how we have just had a massive chinese takeaway.

Today has definitely been hectic, and I think I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

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