Epic Appetite

Please tell me it’s not just my child that eats everything in sight?!
Recently he’s woken up and just not stopped eating. For example this morning he’s already had a whole bowl of coco pops, 3 yoghurts and a box of raisins, yet he’s still asking for more!

He just doesn’t stop! I’ve cut him off for now so that he actually eats his lunch! Although he did just bring me a beer from the fridge in what I can only assume was some attempt to bribe me into letting him have more yoghurt 😂

He’s two and a half so I’m assuming it’s some sort of growth spurt? I try not to give him too much bad stuff because I don’t want him getting fat like me, but he’s still eating a hell of a lot! Should I just ride it out and see if it subsides or stop him now from having anything other than his main breakfast (toast/cereal)?


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