Parenting Pet Peeve

Hands up mum’s and dads, who has ever been told how to parent by someone who has less experience than you?

I can’t stand it. My son is two and a half, I think I know by now how to look after him when he’s poorly. If you have advice, that’s fine by all means give me advice, I may not use it but at least it’s not telling me what to do.

But when someone tells you what to do with your child – even though they are telling you exactly what the NHS out of hours doctors suggest and I’d already rang them twice, it’s pretty annoying.

What have you been told to do when it comes to your child(ren)? Or do you not mind people telling you things when it comes to your child? Let me know in the comments! 

4 thoughts on “Parenting Pet Peeve

  1. I’m a teacher and I get the opposite…I get asked how to parent and I’m like errrm…not a clue I don’t have a five year old 😂😂😂. It is annoying when people think they know your child. My answer is always there is no formula for raising a human. X


    1. Definitely! It’s like all the parenting books etc, it’s not like the child is reading it so they don’t know how they are supposed to act 😂 unfortunately I think parenting is just a guessing game for most of it! I had no clue what I was doing despite having 5 younger brothers, I basically just winged it and I don’t think I’m doing to badly haha xxx

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