Embarrassing Incidents

I luckily haven’t had many embarrassing moments as a parent, but today was one of the worst.

I took TJ to get his haircut and the woman refused to do it because apparently he had head lice – she said this very loudly in front of the whole salon, and I had to walk out of their with his hair soaking wet where she had sprayed it. I understand that they don’t want to cut hair with head lice in, and they are going round the nursery he’s at. However, since the warning went up at the nursery I have gone through his hair every night, and went through last night and found nothing. Anyway, she had just cut another childs hair before TJ’s and had told the mum that he had a few nits.  She had to sterilise everything before she started doing TJ’s hair, and I genuinely believe she maybe saw a few eggs and just didn’t want to have to sterilise everything again. So rude. I’ve never been so embarrassed. I wouldn’t have minded as much, but when we got home I couldn’t find anything in his hair and I sat there for a good half an hour going through it with a nit comb. He has some cuts on his head from his eczema and some general dirt from being outside, other than that not a thing. I’m fuming. She could have cut his hair, she just didn’t want to.

He needs it done desperately because it’s so thick and curly and horrible in this heat, but I don’t know where else does children’s cuts in my area, and I’m definitely not going to this place again!

Please share your embarrassing stories as a parent and make me feel better!



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