Paw Patrol & Potty Training



Today seems to be the first day that TJ has taken to his potty training. We have tried a few times before, but he just didn’t seem ready. I decided to try again today, because he’s been sort of telling us when he needs the toilet. I didn’t expect much because he’s still young, and like I said he’s struggled with it before.

But this time, he seems to have got it. Warning: Theres gonna be some gross parent talk.

IMG_2509edit.jpgSo first of all, he realised he was weeing and before I could get to him he had already sat himself down and was using his potty. Its a Thomas the Tank Engine one that toots when the sensors have something on them, so it made the noises and he got up and I cheered. He was so happy. I got him a mini roll, thinking it was a fluke but that he needed a reward. A little while later he started telling me he needed a wee, I walked over (I can see him from where I’m sitting but there’s a table restricting my view of the actual potty) and saw that he had sat on the potty and done a poo, unfortunately he hadn’t sat far enough forward so it was on the edge of the seat. I placed him in front of the potty so he could stand and pee into it so that wouldn’t go everywhere whilst I cleared up his poo. Just a little while ago, he told me he needed a wee then sat on his potty again and shouted ‘I did it’. This time I gave him a cracker as a reward, and gave him a big hug like last time and told him well done. I don’t want to give him a mini roll everytime he uses it, he’ll get as fat as me!

Now I’ve got a big roast dinner cooking ready for when Gordon gets in, and we’re watching Paw Patrol.Here’s hoping for this to be the start of official potty training!

So if I could offer any advice on potty training it would just be don’t rush it! Try it little and often, also make sure they have a comfortable potty. We started out with a cheap potty that TJ would not even sit on and he didn’t really fit on comfortably. Then we upgraded to the Fisher Price Thomas the Tank Engine Rewards Potty (we brought ours from Argos for £30) and it seems a lot better for him so far. Plus it doubles up as a toilet booster and step when they get to the next stage!



So proud of this cheeky little monkey!

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