A New Start

A couple of days ago, we got a fantastic offer. We were offered a 2 bedroom house in a better part of the area we live in through friends.

We have obviously accepted the offer, seen as how we live in a tiny 2 bedroom flat at the moment. The rent is higher, obviously – but not as high as most places we’ve been looking at. They’ve been really good to us with the price. 

The new place is a palace compared to our current house, and there’s a huge garden. In our current home there’s a small garden that we share with the flat above and you have to come out of the flat to open a security door to let the dog out in the garden. 

We should be moving in about 2 months time when the current owners move to Malta! I’m so excited I just want to pack everything now, but we don’t have any boxes and we kind of need our things! 

I can’t wait! TJ is going to love it! We’re going to have a look around in the next week or so, but from the pictures already it looks gorgeous! 

Eeek! Hopefully things are looking up for this little family!

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