Shameless US -What’s Left for Mickey?

So I’m pretty late to the Shameless US party, due to my hatred of US versions of UK shows usually. I was pleasantly surprised and now 100% prefer US – I have a blog post about it you can find here.

Anyway this post is about my personal favourite character: Mickey fucking Milkovich. 

First for all.. hot damn, lets just take a second to appreciate him.

Secondly, how is Noel Fisher almost 33. Legit thought he was the same age as me (23). I’d like to have access to whatever fountain of youth he is sipping from -side note him and his fiance are so adorable I can’t cope and I’m also jealous af.

Now onto the main reason I wanted to write this. SPOILER ALERT IF YOUVE NOT SEEN SERIES 7. Every Gallavich shipper across the nation wants Mickey back, and with him across the border in Mexico and on the run from the police, it doesn’t look likely that our favourite bad ass is going to be making regular appearances any time soon. I mean they could probably get a few guest star appearances but unless they write something different in I can’t see there being much hope for Gallavich. So here’s some things I’ve been thinking about in a desperate bid for Mickey to come back. 

I recently read a fan fiction- I can’t remember who wrote it so I apologise and if it sounds familiar please message me a link and I’ll add appropriate credit – where Sammy gets a little visit in prison from a friend of Svetlana who forces her to change her story. I like this, I’ll admit it would need a lot of research into how the law works and would need fleshing out a bit, but the writers could work their magic, and it could theoretically work. Just the snag that he escaped, would obviously give him some jail time – but then I’m sure there’s some loophole that because he already served time for something he now wasn’t accused of he could get away with it? Like put him on house arrest or on tag like Fiona was? I think this is an option the writers could explore if they really wanted too. 

Now there’s another problem though. If they bring Mickey back – as much as we all want Ian and Mickey to be happy and together and have no problems. They won’t do that. A potential storyline that could arise is Yevgeny. Throughout the Svetlana’s pregnancy Mickey had his doubts about the paternity of the baby, and we all know Terry was having his way with Svet, as well as all of her other customers. She got pregnant very quickly so who’s to say she wasn’t already pregnant when Terry made her have sex with Mickey. I adore how Mickeys relationship with Yev has developed though, I think it’d be a shame for him not to be his, but it has been hinted at a lot. 

Another thing that has been bubbling away in my brain is the UK comparison. If you try and imagine US Mickey and Ian when you watch the UK one, it’s hilarious. I giggle everyone UK Mickey does anything because I’m dying thinking of US Mickey being anything like the UK one. In UK, Ian has a relationship with his brothers girlfriend Maxine and it actually worked well as a storyline (Then again the Ian/Mickey isnt as strong in the UK one. I think US Ian already had a hetero encounter though so idk, but who the hell knows with Shameless US. 

This is turning out a lot longer than I expected so imma wrap it up. Basically I really want Mickey to come back but on the same hand, what can the writers do? They won’t make him and Ian happy. It’s Shameless so of course no one’s allowed to be happy. It would just be constant drama after drama. Plus Gallavich scenes are so iconic, I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep coming up with things for them other than the vicious cycle of one cheating on the other. I for one won’t be happy if they just do cheating storylines because I don’t think Mickey would cheat, and Ian can’t just keep using the bipolar excuse. (Okay that sounds shitty now I write it, I hope you guys know what I mean). I would be happy for Gallavich just to be happy, but as I’ve said: from the writers point of view this isn’t a story arc. 

Okay I’m done, enjoy this Gallavich gif because it’s my favourite, and let me know what you all think is going to happen for the future of Gallavich! Give me hope 😂

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