Starting School

So it’s been a month now since my little guy started school, and today was his first parents evening.

I have been a bag of nerves about it since the appointment times were booked. TJs outbursts have always been a problem, and I was hoping seen as how I hadn’t had notes home for a while I figured he was doing better, but of course nagging doubt was on me.

It turns out he’s doing amazing at school. Yes He has his outbursts, but the school are helping him so much, he gets extra active time to try and calm him and get him to focus, and a new reward system has been introduced that goes back and forth between home and school to help reinforce good behaviour. Asides from behaviour, academically his teacher said he was doing fantastically. He’s always the first to put his hand up to answer questions and is always eager to learn something new. His maths is amazing, and he can count to 100 and beyond when he puts his mind to it. His letter forming is improving and he’s sounding out phonics and words a lot better than when he first started.

I am beyond proud of him. I know this is just the start of the journey and lots more could happen, but it’s all looking like he’s settling in well. I’ll keep in contact with his SENDco teacher, and hopefully together we can keep him on this track!


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