A Day in the Life

My days are all over the place at the minute, we do allsorts. But Mondays through to Thursday TJ is at nursery, so I decided to wait until today (Friday) to do our Day in the Life. The plan for today is housework, picnic in the park and some movie time if we have time.

Our day started at 5:30am, with TJ yelling about it being morning already. Although actually I was awake at 4 because the cat decided that was exactly the right time to meow in my ear hole and wake me up.


Not going to lie to you, I’m a terrible parent. I put Peter Rabbit on for TJ, and dozed back off beside him. He kept waking me up every 5 minutes to inform me of what was happening in the film.


I’d been awake on and off now for 2 hours at this point, still groggy and moody because I stayed up until midnight video calling my partner (who I fell asleep on the phone to as always because I’m always tired) I figured it was time to get up properly. Woke up to some messages from said fella, wish I have to lame and admit is one of my favourite things ♡


I’m up and dressed, it took an hour to persuade TJ he needed to actually be dressed for the day. Eventually he settles on mismatching top and jogger bottoms, before going down and forcing his nana to make his breakfast of cornflakes.


Time for kiddos patch, he has to wear a patch for an hour everyday to strengthen his right eye. Which is fine except to get the best from it he needs to be doing something that requires him thinking etc, we tend to do puzzles, or practice his writing. Today we did a puzzle that needs the words spelling out. It took the entire hour but he did really well, and then of course wants a sweet.


I finally get some breakfast, I’m supposed to be following slimming world, but I slipped and enjoyed a massive bowl of cornflakes. TJ spots my breakfast and screams until I make him some toast.


My uterus is attacking me and I want all the chocolate, send help


Some giant chocolate buttons may have fallen into my mouth.


Nana has gone out with her friend, so me and TJ have come upstairs. He wanted to watch Peter Rabbit again (he doesnt have this much screen time I promise, i just feel crappy)


Sandwiches for lunch, nice and boring. Followed by a trip to the park.

I had to run to and from the park to add some miles to my MyMarathon miles- we did 1.2 miles! (https://mymarathon18.everydayhero.com/uk/danielle-kirk if youre interested)


I think the sun tired TJ out a bit, he wanted to come home. We went to the library on the way home and picked him up some books. So here we are chilling at home again, watching telly.


The attacking uterus wants chocolate again, only there’s none left and I’m skint. Send help.


Just realised I should probably feed my child at some point. There’s hotdog pizza in the fridge that was brought yesterday reduced. Definitely a lazy meal, but I feed him fullof fruit and veg as much as I can the rest of the time so it’s all good.


Nanas friend just came over with a minion fart gun for TJ, I give it an hour before I throw it at the wall.


The demon has been fed. Went upstairs, and im out of pads, had to ask nana to sit with TJ so i could leg it to Tescos.

The woman that served me gave me the most sympathetic look ever, it was wonderful.


TJ is supposed to be heading up to bed so he can brush his teeth and get into his pyjamas and then have a story before bedtime at 7pm, but hes decided now is the perfect time to give the dog a hug. Good job they’re cute.


The demon is finally in bed. After a fight over what pyjamas he was going to wear for bed, and some casual bribing with a story. I read The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past to him, which he adored, and I enjoyed the Back to the Future references of course.


We’ve got chicken thighs and some potatoes that were brought and needed eating up today so I made a tomato sauce and fried the chicken with it, and cooked up the potatoes with some veggies for mine and nanas tea. I’ve gotta say, it was pretty tasty! And all syn free on Slimming World.

I’m now sat watching Emmerdale and the other soaps, and then heading to bed to eat those giant buttons from earlier, watch a film called Forever My Girl, and video chat with Keiron. I need an early night though, TJ’s going to lunch with his dad tomorrow which means me and Keiron can go see the new Avengers film, even though its already been spoiled for me, before taking TJ to the beach after the movie. Then Keiron is staying in Hunstanton so we can hang out Sunday too 🙂

Embarrassing Incidents

I luckily haven’t had many embarrassing moments as a parent, but today was one of the worst.

I took TJ to get his haircut and the woman refused to do it because apparently he had head lice – she said this very loudly in front of the whole salon, and I had to walk out of their with his hair soaking wet where she had sprayed it. I understand that they don’t want to cut hair with head lice in, and they are going round the nursery he’s at. However, since the warning went up at the nursery I have gone through his hair every night, and went through last night and found nothing. Anyway, she had just cut another childs hair before TJ’s and had told the mum that he had a few nits.  She had to sterilise everything before she started doing TJ’s hair, and I genuinely believe she maybe saw a few eggs and just didn’t want to have to sterilise everything again. So rude. I’ve never been so embarrassed. I wouldn’t have minded as much, but when we got home I couldn’t find anything in his hair and I sat there for a good half an hour going through it with a nit comb. He has some cuts on his head from his eczema and some general dirt from being outside, other than that not a thing. I’m fuming. She could have cut his hair, she just didn’t want to.

He needs it done desperately because it’s so thick and curly and horrible in this heat, but I don’t know where else does children’s cuts in my area, and I’m definitely not going to this place again!

Please share your embarrassing stories as a parent and make me feel better!



Parenting Pet Peeve

Hands up mum’s and dads, who has ever been told how to parent by someone who has less experience than you?

I can’t stand it. My son is two and a half, I think I know by now how to look after him when he’s poorly. If you have advice, that’s fine by all means give me advice, I may not use it but at least it’s not telling me what to do.

But when someone tells you what to do with your child – even though they are telling you exactly what the NHS out of hours doctors suggest and I’d already rang them twice, it’s pretty annoying.

What have you been told to do when it comes to your child(ren)? Or do you not mind people telling you things when it comes to your child? Let me know in the comments!