Horns – Movie Review


The trailers made this film look amazing, although quite how it was put under the genre ‘horror’ i’ll never know. It was a good storyline, although a little predictable as with who the killer was. Daniel Radcliffes acting was good, but he was definitely better as a wizard, than a guy with horns.

The twist at the end was clever, I didn’t expect that bit at all. It was nice for the film to explain her reasonings for things, and the other twist, well without giving too much away.. daaaaaamn.

It was weird watching Max Minghella the way he was, seen as how the last thing I watched him in was The Internship where he was a bit of a dick but nothing too outrageous, but he played his part well and although Juno Temple wasn’t in the movie for long, her acting was great too.

Overall, I would give the film 3/5 stars. I think Radcliffes acting could have been better, and the killer was very obvious from the start. I highly recommend giving it a watch though.The little twists in the film are brilliant and make it well worth it.