A Day in the Life

My days are all over the place at the minute, we do allsorts. But Mondays through to Thursday TJ is at nursery, so I decided to wait until today (Friday) to do our Day in the Life. The plan for today is housework, picnic in the park and some movie time if we have time.

Our day started at 5:30am, with TJ yelling about it being morning already. Although actually I was awake at 4 because the cat decided that was exactly the right time to meow in my ear hole and wake me up.


Not going to lie to you, I’m a terrible parent. I put Peter Rabbit on for TJ, and dozed back off beside him. He kept waking me up every 5 minutes to inform me of what was happening in the film.


I’d been awake on and off now for 2 hours at this point, still groggy and moody because I stayed up until midnight video calling my partner (who I fell asleep on the phone to as always because I’m always tired) I figured it was time to get up properly. Woke up to some messages from said fella, wish I have to lame and admit is one of my favourite things β™‘


I’m up and dressed, it took an hour to persuade TJ he needed to actually be dressed for the day. Eventually he settles on mismatching top and jogger bottoms, before going down and forcing his nana to make his breakfast of cornflakes.


Time for kiddos patch, he has to wear a patch for an hour everyday to strengthen his right eye. Which is fine except to get the best from it he needs to be doing something that requires him thinking etc, we tend to do puzzles, or practice his writing. Today we did a puzzle that needs the words spelling out. It took the entire hour but he did really well, and then of course wants a sweet.


I finally get some breakfast, I’m supposed to be following slimming world, but I slipped and enjoyed a massive bowl of cornflakes. TJ spots my breakfast and screams until I make him some toast.


My uterus is attacking me and I want all the chocolate, send help


Some giant chocolate buttons may have fallen into my mouth.


Nana has gone out with her friend, so me and TJ have come upstairs. He wanted to watch Peter Rabbit again (he doesnt have this much screen time I promise, i just feel crappy)


Sandwiches for lunch, nice and boring. Followed by a trip to the park.

I had to run to and from the park to add some miles to my MyMarathon miles- we did 1.2 miles! (https://mymarathon18.everydayhero.com/uk/danielle-kirk if youre interested)


I think the sun tired TJ out a bit, he wanted to come home. We went to the library on the way home and picked him up some books. So here we are chilling at home again, watching telly.


The attacking uterus wants chocolate again, only there’s none left and I’m skint. Send help.


Just realised I should probably feed my child at some point. There’s hotdog pizza in the fridge that was brought yesterday reduced. Definitely a lazy meal, but I feed him fullof fruit and veg as much as I can the rest of the time so it’s all good.


Nanas friend just came over with a minion fart gun for TJ, I give it an hour before I throw it at the wall.


The demon has been fed. Went upstairs, and im out of pads, had to ask nana to sit with TJ so i could leg it to Tescos.

The woman that served me gave me the most sympathetic look ever, it was wonderful.


TJ is supposed to be heading up to bed so he can brush his teeth and get into his pyjamas and then have a story before bedtime at 7pm, but hes decided now is the perfect time to give the dog a hug. Good job they’re cute.


The demon is finally in bed. After a fight over what pyjamas he was going to wear for bed, and some casual bribing with a story. I read The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past to him, which he adored, and I enjoyed the Back to the Future references of course.


We’ve got chicken thighs and some potatoes that were brought and needed eating up today so I made a tomato sauce and fried the chicken with it, and cooked up the potatoes with some veggies for mine and nanas tea. I’ve gotta say, it was pretty tasty! And all syn free on Slimming World.

I’m now sat watching Emmerdale and the other soaps, and then heading to bed to eat those giant buttons from earlier, watch a film called Forever My Girl, and video chat with Keiron. I need an early night though, TJ’s going to lunch with his dad tomorrow which means me and Keiron can go see the new Avengers film, even though its already been spoiled for me, before taking TJ to the beach after the movie. Then Keiron is staying in Hunstanton so we can hang out Sunday too πŸ™‚

Week One: Slimming World

Week One started out really well, however: on Saturday I had my best friends engagement party, which involved a Chinese restaurant- I overindulged. Luckily I had been on plan pretty much the rest of the time.

So this week I lost: *drumroll please*


I’ll take that seen as how I’ve been doing it at home for a while so my body was already used to it, and I had that naughty Chinese. The only thing I have planned this week is soft play with TJ on Thursday and then we are going to wisbech to see my friend Michelle on Friday which will be tough for me because we meet in Greggs and I guarantee I will want everything! As for soft play I’ll take a healthy picnic, to make it easier on myself!

Here’s hoping for the same if not more this week!

Fat Club Part II

So tonight I took the leap to restart at a Slimming World group! I got a voucher from Closer magazine and only had to pay the membership fee which was Β£4.95

I stayed at group, and it worried me that they read out if you gain, but Jo the consultant was really kind and helpful about it. There was no shaming for it.

I’m really excited this time, and I know I can do it. I’ll be doing weekly posts about my progress πŸ™‚

This is my starter picture and one that really gave me a boost to lose weight. Especially since it’s the maid of honour dress for my best friend’s wedding in August 2019. The goal is to lose between 8-10 stone before the wedding. So here goes! Week one, let’s do this πŸ’ͺ🏼

Weight Loss Journey: Week Two

So, even after going out for a buffet on Tuesday, I managed to lose 3lbs πŸ˜€ I achieved my half stone award and even got slimmer of the week πŸ˜€

So happy! That’s 9 and a half pounds gone in 2 weeks πŸ™‚ Hoping that I can get my stone award in the next 2 weeks! Would be amazing.


Weight Loss Journey: Week One (and a bit)

Okay, so my first weigh in on Thursday was great. I lostΒ 6 1/2lbs!Β Gutted that I was only half a pound off getting my first award! Anyway, along with Slimming World I have been doing Charlottes Belly Blitz, and its great! I started the squat challenge this morning, and did warm up, 3 rounds and cool down on belly blitz, and I am absolutely knackered! Buuuut I was naughty and had chinese takeaway last night, so I needed to do this to make up for it. Definitely having lots of speed food and low syns today!

I really hope that I can at least get that half pound off, but wouldn’t it be great to get close to a stone? Then I can aim for the last few pounds or whatever the week after. I’m so excited to get rid of all this weight!

I really need to start measuring my tummy so I can see the inches coming off aswell!

Will update again after my next weigh in!

Fighting the Fat

Okay, so yesterday I finally bit the bullet and joined my local Slimming World group after falling hard from the wagon.

I was disgusted with how much I weigh, but obviously this is the start of my (restarted) journey. Today I have managed through the day with 11 and a half syns, and I could have easily avoided them but I am weak haha. Here’s my menu for the day:


Bacon (fat removed)
Scrambled egg (HeA milk)
Baked Beans
Euro Shopper Energy DrinkΒ 6 syns

Diet Coke

Seafood Sticks
Apple and Grapes Fruit Bag x2
Melon and Grape Fruit Pot
Monster Absolute Zero

Pepsi Max

Salt and Pepper Chicken
Egg Noodles
Weight Watchers Garlic and Coriander Naan BreadΒ 5.5syns

Total:Β 11.5 syns

I just hope I can keep my will power, and get a good loss on Thursday. I need to start doing Charlottes Belly Blitz and weighted hula hoop, but at the minute I have my deadlines coming up for Uni, so don’t really have time to do all that unfortunately.

Nice big fruit delivery tomorrow, so hopefully I should be able to easily stay on track and not use as many syns πŸ™‚

Ooh also, I’m using the water balance app and hoping for 100% everyday! Fingers crossed.

A Little Whinge

Sorry I’ve been absent,  lots going on!
My surgical assessment has been move to the 3rd of February so I have to wait even longer now! And thats the day I’m due back at Uni so I’m already going to have to miss some of it.
The pains have been getting worse. Not my pancreas as such, but the gallstones. Its almost as if I can feel them pushing against my gallbladder. Its awful. Im taking so many tablets and to no avail! I just want them to take my gallbladder out now,  I dont think I can deal with the pain much longer! 
Anyway: weight loss wise I have lost 10lbs πŸ™‚ doesnt seem like much but its better than nothing!